So, you’re not listened to. You’re heterosexual and cast adrift in a multisexual universe. You’ve lost your skilled labour job to a robot. You find it difficult to find the perfect wife, one who cooks, doesn’t have an opinion. Your drive to perpetuate your white man gene is becoming more and more difficult to satiate. Your kids don’t take a beating any more, like you did when your were a kid. Your sons are turning gay, your daughters are too strong-willed and self-assured. Other white men are doing better than you, because they know computer shit. Even beards have become feminised in their couture.

You feel your world is being overtaken! This is not the world you grew up in and learned about in school! You were taught by your father and teachers that you don’t have to worry, you hold a hard earned dominion, this land, is your land, you are man enough! But now the world has turned without you, even your leaders are becoming female, or coloured! ..  What can you do, poor disenchanted souls?

1: Learn to grow up and adapt, join the human race!

2: Get over yourself!

3: Fuck off!, Shut up!, etc

4: Stop being a fucktard, stop voting for fucktards, grow a proper well defined set  of balanced bollocks.

You make me cross.. so very, very cross.