Because of the new upping of shitstormyness, I feel myself becoming ever more drawn back to a spirituality of sorts. I’m not sure what it is yet, but it involves believing there is goodness, that the good Earth is more than just matter, that there is something bigger than all of us, but that we are also part of it and that it is inherently benign. That’s partly why this new blog is happening, so I can explore the feeling, the insecurity, fears, dread and to give me an outlet for the moments of restless creativity I get for writing, but can never find the right forum to set it down.. journals are too private and self pitying, facebook is too public and absorbing, blogland is somewhere in between. It’s OK to self absorb, but it’s also good to temper that side of it so that people read your shit, but people don’t HAVE to read your shit either… but if they do, it’s quite nice to think you’ve been ‘heard’ by strangers who might gain something from it, thus sharing your energy… and lets be honest, who hasn’t had the thought that in a thousand years, techeologists (or whatever they’ll be called), might stumble across your rambling texts and find great delight in the mundane, meaning you might be remembered for something.. even just for making someone in a thousand years wonder what the fuck ‘awfultudes’ means and why isn’t it in any of the official catalogues of texts used at the time… (I realise I’ve just ruined that scenario).