It’s a thought that’s been haunting me for the last few months now. I’m not a confrontational person, I go out of my way to avoid it and turn the other cheek, believe that karma will sort itself out and that idiots will always reveal themselves eventually and fail in the long run… I’m starting to believe though that I’m wrong.

The recent debates about ‘Is it ok to punch a Nazi?’, despite my inclinations towards peace, the anger at injustice in my soul replies, ‘fuck yes! punch the Nazi!’. Then I feel dismal that the world has even taken me to this point.

Some of the calculations about climate change and the collapse of human society has me thinking, we’re running out of time to do things peacefully now. We no longer have the luxury of millennia to talk our problems out, stand silently and wait for opinions to change for the better. It’s too big now, way bigger than the average people. There are no longer ‘localised’ power structures, there is actually a ruling world elite that does not have the planet’s best interests in mind, only short term personal gain in the form of wealth and power. We the people no longer have the benefit of knowing where to target our peaceful energy, we have been rendered powerless in even our non-action.

So what do we do? I can only think we need to hit back hard. A combination of peaceful protest, civil disobedience and smashing shit up, literally rip the system down. Whether that be through computer hacking, smashing the fuck out of corporate establishments, boycotting… I don’t know!?… The only thing that will claw back the peaceful people of the world a semblance of a voice is by starting to create financial damages to the ones with power. Unfortunately, this means that every single person disillusioned with the state of things needs to actually do this and I’m not sure many of us have the energy left…

So maybe, we need to teach our kids anarchy and survival skills away from technology. Shit’s possibly going to go down within their life-time, they’ll have more fun if they can grow a cabbage and build traps and punch Nazis.