So, I have this thing, doesn’t everyone have at least one thing. Anyway, this thing means that occasionally I have to go see a neurologist. The last one I saw gave me my diagnoses, then gave me a list of drugs I could take, then when I suggested I went away and tried to control it naturally, was told ‘Grand!’, totally up to you.

This time, I saw a lad that went full on in for the drugtastic hard sell.

“Your disease WILL progress if you don’t start treatment soon, you may lose your mind, your limbs will fail, you will go blind, your brain will atrophy, fingers will fall off, your lungs will spontaneously burst, your heart will explode through your chest showering your family with your diseased blood.. the last thing they will see of you is you blind and choking with no bowel control, soiling yourself as you flail about in a hospital bed”. He said (may have said).

It’s amazing how you can go into a hospital feeling positively excellent and come out an hour later feeling defeated, vulnerable and like you have the biggest debilitation EVER!

I am a great believer in mind over matter and I’m also a great believer in plants and the power of good nutrition. Stay positive and treat your ailments with drugs that you’ve evolved with as a species, with millennia of instinct and latent knowledge shared. Particularly for the thing I have, which, as yet, has no obvious cause.. personally, I believe it is triggered by a deeply absorbed metaphysical wound and I believe, if you tend to the thing, with respect, and learn to ‘get’ its message, you can wield it. YOU HAVE IT, IT DOESN’T HAVE YOU.

But then you enter into the domain of the academic and scientist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hippy who believes in magic and spirit guides, I LOVE science and medicine is brilliant!  I have huge respect for everyone who works in medicine, the fact that they care and spend all their intent and knowledge on healing their fellow man. But there must be a broader way, there surely is room for a wider response to illness? Do you really need to scare your patients half to death and shake the foundation of what they feel is the right path for them? Does making them feel vulnerable make the treatment of their illness more effective? Or does it just set their positive approach back by several months and make them feel like they’re stupid and shit and trapped and unemployable and imminently disabled and going to die a horrible death, thus adding to the list of metaphysical holes that caused the fucking thing in the first place….